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1:1 Coaching

This is a transformative 4 month program that will help you build confidence with sales and learn how to get sales coming in every single day!

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Sales Accelerator Mastermind

This is perfect for women who:
✓You are struggling to sign clients and you have this nagging feeling that something is "missing". You feel so close to making your business profitable but you are missing SOMETHING.
✓You feel like you are throwing spaghetti at the wall with your current strategies. Nothing is working for you.
✓You have a fear of selling - fear of annoying people; fear of being sleazy.
✓You feel like a little fish in a big pond. The market is saturated and you feel like you will never stand out.

Next round launches this fall! Join the waitlist below!

Sell Out Your Offers with Ease

This is perfect for women who:
✓You don't know why your offers aren't selling
✓You feel you are confused on what to sell
✓You don't truly know if you have narrowed down your ideal client far enough
✓You don't know what to do on social media every day

Next round launches end of October!

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That Freedom Vibe Business & Mindset Membership ​

This is perfect for women who:
✓Want accountability in their business
✓Are having a hard time staying consistent
✓Need help signing their first clients or consistent clients
✓Looking for freedom and more fulfillment in their business
✓Making less than $5k/month