Lauren Najar

Simple Sales Method

Helping coaches & service providers get clarity on their offers & services, create their customized marketing plan and organically generate leads by building relationships through the DMs.

I've been where you are...

Feeling lost when you offer isn’t selling;

Feeling like you need to keep doing MORE when nothing is working;

Feeling like you’re missing some sort of piece to a puzzle;

Feeling like you’re doing something completely wrong and I don’t know what it is;

Thinking that maybe you just aren’t cut out for building this business because you can’t seem to fit in and all the other strategies do not work for you.

What if you could have massive clarity in knowing what your offers are, know exactly what you need to post for your marketing plan and find the leads that will enroll with you without losing who you are, hustling non-stop and building a business that you absolutely love?




I’m here to show you that you can build a business that is authentic to you, do things your own way all while signing clients simply and without burnout.


I got you!

Inside the Simple Sales Method, we work together step by step to create a business that you are proud of and that lights you up. 


The Simple Sales Method is designed for you to create offers, marketing strategy and lead generation strategies that are individualized and aligned to YOU. 


It’s time to start doing business your way.


Imagine if...

You know exactly how you help your clients.  Your exact framework is defined and you are so excited about your offers!

You have the exact roadmap on how you specifically do your marketing every day instead of throwing spaghetti at the wall and seeing what sticks. 

You know how to create content that converts your audience into clients instead of guessing if your content makes any sense.

You know where your leads are coming from and are actively keeping track of how your strategies work.

You are consistently building relationships and develop a huge network of prospects where your leads come to you in the DMs.

We keep it simple here...

I was tired of seeing so many people trying to use copy and paste strategies in their business trying to make it work and thinking they couldn’t build a business their own way. 


I’ll be your advocate and find your method to build a successful business as simple as possible.

What's Inside...

Phase 1: Offer Creation

  • Defining your foundations in your business
  • Refine your offers and product suite
  • Understand your unique framework

Phase 2: Marketing

  • Create various types of content that you know will convert to clients
  • Build out a marketing strategy that is unique to you and your business
  • Define your launch strategy 

Phase 3: Lead Generation

  • Define your lead generation strategy
  • Learn how to build relationships authentically to you
  • Selling in the DMs
What does the structure look like?
  • We are together for 12 weeks

  • 12 weekly group calls

  • One (1) 1:1 coaching call

  • Unlimited Voxer Support

  • Lifetime access to coaching modules

  • Lifetime access to coaching calls

  • Templates and resources to help you grow

This program is for you if...

1) You are tired of the same strategies and nothing working.  You feel it’s time to do something different.

2) You feel like you are doing all of the things and you have little to show for it.  Business feels hard.

3) You want a clear strategy that makes you feel good to sign more clients, not someone else’s strategy.

4.) You want to feel confident in selling your offers and become excited when you create a new offer.

5) You want to sell in the DMs and tired of taking hours of sales calls

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