Lauren Najar

 Have us come in and give you a hand so you can scale your business

Are you doing all of the things in your business but your work is taking you away from where you are needed most?

Let us come in and give you a hand so you can continue to grow your business!

Our services

Launch Strategy

If you are getting ready to launch a new program, a new service or shifting your business, we got you covered! We will talk through a plan for your launch and help you create materials along the way. Packages are priced and customized to your needs.

Social Media Management

The power of social media is unlimited. It is so necessary in your business to consistently connect with new prospects and sustain visibility. We take the pressure off of you and will handle social media. Packages are customized to your individual needs.

Marketing Strategy &
Content Management

One less thing for you on your plate! It is so important to stay in your zone of genius. Let us handle your marketing content with a customized plan, along with curated graphics and posts designed for you! Packages are tailored to your specific needs.

Lead Generation

You don't have to generate leads on demand by yourself. Let us help nurture your community and start getting those leads to come to you! Community outreach is our specialty and it is an important part of your business. Packages are customized to your specific business.

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