Lauren Najar

Ready to build your business
and have fun doing it?

Why Work With Me?

Because I'm Fun!

No but really; I like to have fun but I also like to work hard.

I expect you to show up, ready to work and exceed the goals you have set for yourself!

Not only will you have my support; but the community that I have created. I am huge on creating relationships and getting to know people so when you work with me, you also have the added bonus of getting to know pretty much everyone that I know.

My super power is building relationships and networking and I go above and beyond to help make your business work!

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Hey, I'm Lauren!

Business coach, Dog Mom, Coffee Fanatic

Hey, I'm Lauren!

Business coach, Dog mom, Coffee Fanatic

It's so nice to meet you!

I'm a multi-passionate, community builder and fun-lover! There are FEW things I don't like to do! You can find me some days dressed up at a fancy dinner with a glass of red wine or stuffing my face with chicken wings and watching sports (GO CUBBIES!)

I spent 10 years in the banking and finance world learning how to build effective relationships to make more sales where I also coached and certified my own sales employees. I believe in having real conversations and getting to know your clients is the ket to massive success and easy sales.

I was diagnosed with cancer not once, but twice in my early twenties. By overcoming those challenges, the feeling really grew on me that there is just SO MUCH MORE TO LIFE than to be like everyone else; wake up, go to work, come home, eat dinner and go to bed.

When I found the coaching world, I took a huge leap into investing in my first coach and I haven't looked back since. I have helped tons of women do the same - live a life on their own terms and build a business where they are fulfilled and proud.

I pride myself on coaching to the person; finding what makes YOU tick and work well. I do not believe in a one size fits all coaching approach because we all have different strength when it comes to life. I teach you how to use those strengths for massive success.

Taking the leap and starting or scaling your coaching business can be uncomfortable but having a community and a dedicated coach to support you will make all of the difference

Let this be the best decision you have made for yourself and your career. You have all of the tools within you; now you just need to

Believe in yourself!

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